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photo There Was a Child
By Fred Simon
With the Newton Television Foundation

This video sensitively demonstrates the impact that losing a pregnancy, or the birth of a stillborn child, has had on three mothers and a father. The parents reflect on the painful grief process, the impact of the death on their sense of self and their family relationships, and on the unintentionally hurtful or callous comments of friends and healthcare workers. The program validates the emotions of parents who feel alone with their loss, while helping healthcare workers and families to give them appropriate and meaningful support. A co-production of the Center for Independent Documentary

32 minutes
© 1991
Purchase $149 DVD
Order No. QA-048
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-956-8

"Gives families and healthcare workers insight into pregnancy loss and shows them the best ways to offer support." OBG Management

"Doesn't judge, assume or label. This program allows bereaved parents themselves to tell their stories. Heartrending testimony to the powerful bonds that begin to grow along with a pregnancy." Cathy Rome, Ended Beginnings

Awards & Conference Screenings
Association for Death Education & Counseling
International Conference on Death & Bereavement

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Awards & Screenings

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