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photo Taking Good Care
Inside a Children's Hospital
By Susan Shaw, Christine Mitchell & Ben Achtenberg

Taking Good Care follows three very different young patients, and profiles the wide range of staff members who care for them. It's a realistic but upbeat and compelling look at the inside life of a pediatric hospital. An invaluable tool for recruitment and orientation of staff at all levels, from medical and nursing to housekeeping and environmental services, the program will also introduce students to a variety of interesting and rewarding roles in the care of children in hospitals. Co-produced by Ben Achtenberg and Christine Mitchell, RN, FAAN, who were nominated for an Academy award for Code Gray.

26 minutes
© 1990
Purchase $89.00 DVD
Order No. QA-054

"In an illuminating guide to career choices, professional and support staff talk about their jobs, describing their motivation, training, and feelings for their roles. Visits with aides, researchers, housekeepers, cardiologists, and activities therapists round out this reassuring portrait, and reveal the providers' sensitivity and true cooperative effort." Booklist

Awards & Conference Screenings
CINE Golden Eagle
Silver Cindy
Bronze Plaque, Columbus
Assn. for the Care of Children's Health
Award of Excellence, Association for
Healthcare Recruitment & Retention

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