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photo Elder Abuse
Five Case Studies
By Jim Vanden Bosch

Thousands of older Americans are subjected to physical and emotional abuse by a spouse or adult child. In this video, the candid accounts of sufferers offer insights into the ambivalent feelings of older abuse victims as they try to find safety, and relief from their pain. Through their struggle, we also see a variety of interventions that can help to stop abuse, including counseling, shelters, supportive services, and legal action. This video is an outstanding tool for training nurses, therapists, and social workers and for alerting students to the complexities involved in elder abuse cases.

40 minutes
© 1990
Purchase $265 DVD
Order No. QA-101
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-960-6

"Does an excellent job of portraying the broad spectrum of older adults who struggle with this issue, while still presenting the complexities that aging may bring." Margaret Abrams, Elder Abuse Prevention Program, Denver, Colorado

"This documentary provided a tremendous affective experience for our students who are just becoming aware of elder abuse." Lois Roelofs, RN, MS Assistant Professor of Nursing, Trinity Christian College

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American Society on Aging Conference

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I'd Rather Be Home: Follows the case of an elderly man who has been repeatedly abused by his son, over a period of seven years. (A continuation of a case from the film, Elder Abuse: Five Case Studies.)

A Safer Place: Profiles two elderly adults who were helped by social services agencies to recognize the abusive situations they were living in and seek assistance. A formerly abusive daughter is also interviewed.

When Help Was There: This powerful video examines the crisis of elder abuse through four ethnically diverse cases of physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

Just to Have a Peaceful Life: This extract of a case originally profiled in Elder Abuse: Five Case Studies is a frightening demonstration of the patterns of dependency and denial that fuel the cycle of elder abuse.


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