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photo One of Us
Four Stories of Inclusion
By Ron Gould
Connecticut Public Television

This is an upbeat look at integrating people with developmental disabilities into mainstream society. Four year-old Daniel has Hypotonia; his motor, language and social skills have all improved dramatically since he was integrated into a regular preschool class. Ten year-old Peter has Down syndrome. He and his parents had to fight for three years for his right to attend a neighborhood school; his teachers and classmates testify to the benefits of having him included in their activities. Twelve year-old Joahn has complex medical needs, yet a welcoming church and neighborhood have improved his sense of acceptance and well-being. And Maryann, an adult with Cerebral Palsy, searched out and found cooperative housing in her home community, and now works to make churches in her area accessible to people with disabilities. Together, their stories make a positive case for full inclusion of people of all ability levels in the community.

27 minutes
© 1992
Purchase $179 DVD
Order No. QA-163
close captioned

"These stories of battling to find day care, entry into neighborhood schools, cooperative housing, and support from their churches are inspiring." Booklist

Awards & Conference Screenings
Rehabilitation International Film Festival
TASH Media Awards
Assn. for Childhood Education International

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Raymond's Portrait: This video introduces viewers to a remarkable young man born with Down syndrome and it is a powerful example of what can happen when a child is encouraged to develop to his full potential, regardless of others perceptions about his abilities. DVD version has both closed-captions and audio description.

A Mind of Your Own: It's been estimated that every classroom has two or three kids with learning disabilities. This video profiles four courageous kids who don't let learning difficulties hold them back or get them down.

A Passion for Justice: Bob Perske, author of Unequal Justice, crusades for the legal rights of people with developmental disabilities including some who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit.


Awards & Screenings

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