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photo Men Talk Sex
By Donald Bull & James Mulryan

Revealing, frequently amusing and occasionally infuriating, this documentary interviews twenty men, from a variety of backgrounds, races, and ages about their sexual lives. Speaking frankly and openly, they explore a range of subjects which men are often too proud or embarrassed to discuss. This video will be a great icebreaker for men's groups (and women's groups as well) and for classroom discussions on gender roles, sexuality, and relationships. This video contains graphic language.

28 minutes
© 1996
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-225

"A peek into the world of male sex talk. I recommend it highly for teachers of sociology, women's studies and psychology." Kathy Dolan, Professor of Sociology, Georgia State University

Awards & Conference Screenings
Bronze Apple, National Educational Media Network
Bronze Award, Health Sciences Communications Assn.
Merit Award, National Health Information Awards
National Social Science Association

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Awards & Screenings

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