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photo Healthy Relationships
Keeping Patients and Families First
From the Division of Nursing
Baystate Health System

This film along with a companion film is available on one DVD here.

The challenge of establishing and maintaining caring relationships with patients is complicated when a variety of different facilities are involved. Profiling three different cases, this video looks at how one healthcare system is able to ensure continuity of care through its primary nursing program.

Nurses discuss the benefits of primary nursing for their patients, and how they sustain caring relationships through multiple admissions, transfers, and eventual discharge to the home. This is an invaluable tool for introducing the concept of primary nursing to students, patients and staff.

15 minutes
© 1997
Purchase $129 VHS
Order No. QA-253
ISBN (VHS) 1-57295-253-9

Awards & Conference Screenings
Special Award, American Academy of Nursing

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Awards & Screenings

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