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photo Panic Attack
By Brett Ingram

Stop! Stop thinking that way.

What are you doing right now?

What do you need to be paying attention to?

Walk. Get your legs moving. Get some fresh air.

Stop thinking about what's going on in your head...

It's been estimated the more than four million Americans are affected by panic attacks. The disorder may affect some people for only a brief period; for others, it can be a lifelong problem. Available behavioral and medical treatments are typically quite effective, yet many people do not seek treatment because they are embarrassed, feel they will not be believed, or simply do not understand what is happening to them.

This is a vivid and compelling portrayal of one young man's struggle with panic disorder. He describes the physiological and emotional symptoms he experiences, the situations which typically precipitate his panic attacks, and how his fear and avoidance of such situations has limited his enjoyment of life, but he also talks about the understanding which has led to his triumph over the disorder.

The filmmaker uses time-lapse photography, stop-motion animation, and creative sound design to express the emotions associated with the experience of panic attacks.

DVD version only has both closed-captions and audio descriptions.

13 minutes
© 2000
Purchase $149 DVD
Order No. QA-327
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-965-7
close captioned

"The video succeeds in its attempt to capture and pull the viewer into the psychological and physical symptoms of panic attacks. An excellent job of creatively conveying the disease. Highly recommended for high school through college." MC Journal

"Featuring innovative film techniques, this video offers powerful insight into panic attacks." Booklist

"Illustrates with expressionistic force the physical and emotional roller-coaster ride. Reveals the determination it takes to survive battles no one can witness." DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival

"Puts you in the grip of a real panic attack: its onset, its symptoms, and its devastating personal repercussions." Johns Hopkins Film Festival

Awards & Conference Screenings
DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival
Cleveland International Film Festival
Silver Reel, Media Communications Assn
American Psychological Association

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