photo Nuestra Salud Series
Sexo Protegido
(Safer Sex and STD's)
By Teresa Cuadra, MD, & Suzanne Newman

In Spanish, with English Subtitles

What is a sexually transmitted disease? What does protected sex mean for a lesbian? If I'm HIV-positive, what kind of sex life can I have? This video explores what safer sex can mean for lesbians, as well as the realities of dealing with sexually-transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

This program is part of the Nuestra Salud series, aimed at promoting preventive care and wellness for Latina Lesbians. Each video is made up of vignettes, stories, and anecdotes told and shared by women who have faced challenges within the health care system, have gained knowledge through their struggle and are now ready to share their experiences with others. Professionals in the field add their insights and put these issues in a broader context.

The series was conceived by Teresa Cuadra, a physician at New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, and one of the founders of a lesbian clinic there. It was produced in collaboration with Suzanne Newman, a filmmaker with extensive experience in Spanish-language video and television production.

14 minutes
© 1999
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ISBN (VHS) 1-57295-342-X

"A powerful educational tool that encourages women to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss sensitive health issues." Steve Albert, MPH, and Dawn Harbatkin, MD

"Splendid! You've taken difficult subjects and treated them thoughtfully, with compassion and warmth. The messages are equally relevant to all viewers and patronize none." Robert G. Newman, MD, Continuum Health Partners, New York

"As a non-gay Latina I found the videos really shattered some stereotypes. I didn't realize how ignorant I was about certain issues." P. Rodriguez, United Way

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