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photo Depression: Fighting the Dragon
By Sue Ridout

The World Health Organization has estimated that within 20 years depression will be second only to heart disease as a leading cause of premature death and disability, yet it remains something of a mystery, both to those who live with it, and to the clinicians and researchers who struggle to understand its causes and its cures.

While some studies suggest that depression may affect as many as one in ten people, the vast majority never seek treatment, and the incidence of depression has increased with each generation over the past century. This compelling documentary explores the growth of depression, and the research breakthroughs that could finally unlock its secrets.

The video follows five people who have struggled for years to overcome this debilitating condition. Two of the five have family histories of the disease. Their moving personal stories are enriched by the perspectives of leading researchers, and by glimpses of the sophisticated brain-imaging technologies which now enable us to see what is happening in the human brain during depression and its treatment. In addition to medication, the video discusses some new and experimental treatments, but also stresses the continuing value of combining medical treatment with psychotherapy and mutual support groups, as well as the need for public education to combat the stigma that is still attached to mental illness.

44 minutes
© 2002
Purchase $259.00 DVD
Order No. QA-347
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-846-4
close captioned

"An honest, up-front overview of the growing and mysterious disease of depression. Recommended for general, young adult, and adult audiences." Educational Media Reviews Online

"A solid resource that will prove useful to those suffering from depression, their family and friends, and even healthcare professionals." Video Librarian

Awards & Conference Screenings
Broadcast on Canadian Television
International Health and Medical Competition

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