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photo Wired for Life
By Carol Moore-Ede
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Functional Electrical Stimulation technology (FES) is designed to interface technology with muscles and nerves in an attempt to restore some level of function for people with central nervous system disabilities. This documentary visits several experimental programs which are using implanted electrodes, controlled by external computer devices, to enable people with spinal cord injuries to stand, transfer and, under controlled conditions, even to walk.

Other developments shown have made it possible for quadriplegic patients to regain the use of their arms and hands. The video combines clear scientific explanations with the moving stories of several articulate patients, who are honest about the frustrations they've experienced and the unremitting hard work they have had to put in, but who are exited about what they have achieved, and optimistic about future developments. This program will be a valuable update for rehabilitation specialists and students, and an eye-opening introduction to new rehab technologies for all audiences.

DVD version has both closed-captions and audio description.

54 minutes
© 2002
Purchase $229 DVD
Order No. QA-353
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-883-9
close captioned

"Highly Recommended, this film is a unique blend of real-life interviews, computer animation, and open discussion with the experts and scientists who are working in this area. It is truly amazing what can be dome currently in FES, and the future looks very bright for its further development and application." Brad Eden, PhD, Educational Media Reviews

Awards & Conference Screenings
Finalist: Clinical Science & Special People Categories
International Health and Medical Film Competition

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