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photo Four Films on Grief and Bereavement
Dearly Loved
Dealing with the Death of a Parent
By the Calgary Health Region Grief Support Center

Part of the Four Films on Grief and Bereavement series which is available on a single DVD!

In this short trigger film, three young adults talk frankly and movingly about what it has been like to experience the death of a parent. Leona, whose father died of an unexpected heart attack while she was on a trip, describes how important it was for her to be able to spend time alone with his body at the funeral home, yet she still seems dazed, and does not appear to have fully come to terms with what has happened. Neal had been particularly close to his mother, who died after a protracted illness. In the first weeks after her death he felt little — then he broke down, feeling inert, depressed, lacking in motivation for a considerable time. Carol Lee and her family had to make the decision to withdraw life support for her dying father, then remained with him as he died. "We needed to see the finality of it," she says. She was unable to sleep for weeks, yet as the oldest, she felt that the expectation of her Caribbean culture was that she should "get over it," and take care of the needs of the rest of her family. Other issues they all reflect on include the unhelpful responses of others, what it's been like to experience holidays after the loss, the need to take sufficient time to grieve, and the impact on relationships with the surviving parent and siblings.

13 minutes
© 2005
Purchase $159 DVD
Order No. QA-447
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-836-7

Awards & Conference Screenings
Western Psychological Association
National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization

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Out of Order: When children die before their parents, it seems a violation of the natural order of things. In this short documentary, three couples talk of what they've gone through since the recent deaths of their children through illness, accident, or suicide.

Uncoupled: In the aftermath of a spouse's death, people may feel that they don't know how to behave, or even to mourn properly. Alone for the first time in years, grieving spouses often feel that there is no one there to help them sort through this devastation. Four people at varying stages of dealing with the loss of a spouse explain what worked and did not work for them during the months and years after their loss.

A Family Disrupted: The death of a sibling is a profound experience, representing the loss of a shared history, and an uncertain future without the cherished loved one whose companionship may sometimes have been taken for granted. Lois, Jerry, and Claire have each unexpectedly lost a sibling. They share moving insights into how they and their families have coped with grief and with the perhaps unanswerable questions of death and loss.

Four Films on Grief and Bereavement: This four-part series profiles individuals who are struggling to deal with the often unexpected death of a loved one: a child, a parent, a spouse, or a sibling. Their thoughtful, courageous responses focus on dealing with the immediate impact of loss, on paths to healing, and on the ways that friends and family can help — but sometimes donít. In sharing the pain of mourning, they explore universal experiences that will help others to begin healing.

Carved from the Heart: When native carver Stan Marsden decided to create a totem pole in his son's memory, the project became a focus for the entire community's need to deal with loss, tragedy and healing.

Those Who Stay Behind: Interviews with five recently bereaved people offer a guide to help others navigate the healthcare system, the medical decisions they must make, and their own grief process.

Surviving Death: Seven people from a variety of cultural backgrounds speak openly about how they have been affected by the death of someone close to them, and about the ways they have found to survive their loss.

Grief in America: A comprehensive, multi-ethnic perspective on the ways Americans deal with grief and loss in all their forms.

Awards & Screenings

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