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photo A Doula Story
On the frontlines of teen pregnancy
By Danny Alpert

DVD includes Spanish subtitles.

A Doula Story documents one woman's fierce commitment to empower pregnant teenagers with the skills and knowledge they need to become confident, nurturing mothers. In the same disadvantaged neighborhood where she once struggled as a teen mom herself, Loretha Weisinger uses compassion and humor to teach young mothers-to-be about everything from the importance of breast-feeding and reading to their babies to the practical details of communicating effectively with health care professionals.

Nearly ten percent of births in the United States are to teens, many of them poor and alone. Loretha has worked as a community doula (from the Greek word for birth attendant) for more than 10 years. She knows that pregnant teens need guidance and education, not judgment or pity. Doulas provide prenatal, childbirth and parenting support, and are a reassuring presence before, during and after birth. In the face of overwhelming challenges, from absentee fathers and drug addiction to the disparagement of society, community-based doulas help women have satisfying birthing and parenting experiences, and assist families in providing the safe and healthy environment that is critical to a baby's development.

At a time when the national debate over teen pregnancy seems deadlocked over abstinence vs. abortion, A Doula Story spotlights a practical, tough-minded solution that is sure to provoke candid public discussions, and to inspire communities to take action to support teen parents and their children. A Discussion Guide in both English and Spanish is included.

60 minutes
© 2004
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-452
close captioned

"A great tool for reducing health disparities in communities of color. I'd like to use this in the middle and high school health curriculum to give girls a broader perspective. We can also use it with parent groups: parents need all the resources they can get." Luz Alvarez-Martinez, National Latina Health Organization

"Led us into a deeply collaborative conversation about how we could make this kind of doula program happen here, because it needs to." Clare Taylor, Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Centers

"We're working with state advocates on how to keep children from entering the 'cradle to prison' pipeline. I see this film as a perfect tool." Yasmine Daniel, Children's Defense Fund

Awards & Conference Screenings
CINE Golden Eagle
Best Documentary, Milwaukee International Film Festival
Best Documentary, Director's View, New York
San Francisco International Film Festival
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Healthy Teen Conference
National Health Information Awards, Bronze Award
Council on Foundations Film Festival

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