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photo Angela's Journey
By Mary Munson for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Angela Vecchio-Ozmon is a young mother with two small children. She’s bright, attractive and instantly likeable – and she has terminal breast cancer. Rather than retreat into privacy, though, she has chosen to be extraordinarily candid, sharing everything she experiences in her battle with the disease.

This compelling documentary follows Angela as she visits her cancer specialist and explores treatment options, while dealing with her children and issues of body image, loneliness, and romance. "As each chapter unfolded there'd be another revelation in my life. It was as though I was peeling off layers of an onion — a really big onion — until I got to the core and that's where I am now."

From the very beginning, Angela's goal was to demystify cancer, by being frank and public about her experiences, including the graphic medical procedures shown in the program. But it was also a way for her to reach out to those closest to her. "I had the foresight to try to take twenty years worth of mothering that I knew I wouldn't have,” she says, “and compress it into five and instill that in my children, so there'd be a deep solid foundation of goodness in them. When it comes right down to it that's why I'm here."

49 minutes
© 2005
Purchase $199 DVD
Order No. QA-480
ISBN (DVD) 1-57295-934-7

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