photo Living with Spinal Cord Injury Series
Living with Spinal Cord Injury Series
By Barry Corbet

The producer, himself injured in a helicopter crash, brings a unique perspective to this classic three-part series on coming to terms with spinal cord injury. These films offer enduring proof that "a tough break doesn't have to mean a ruined life."

Changes is about coming to terms with spinal cord injury, and beginning the process of rehabilitation.

Outside looks at the lifelong process by which injured people have created active and rewarding lives.

Survivors explores the problems of growing old with a disability.

84 minutes
© 1973
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Awards & Conference Screenings
First Place, American Journal of Nursing
Silver Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival
Aspen International Film Festival

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Not Just Surviving: Four women who have been living with Spinal Cord Injury for as long as 30 years discuss topics that include rehabilitation, healthcare, sexuality, parenting, menopause, and how to live day-to-day with hope.

Awards & Screenings

Related Films

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