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photo Sickle Cell Disease - English and Spanish Versions
From the Minority Coalition,
United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Use the shopping cart buttons at right to order both language versions of this film. To order either version individually, use the links below:

Sickle Cell Disease: The Faces of Our Children (English, VHS only, $149)

Anemia Falciforme: Los Rostros de Nuestros Niņos (Dubbed in Spanish, VHS only, $149)

Nearly 50 to 80,000 African-Americans (and a very much smaller number of whites) have sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease in which red blood cells become stiff, sticky and misshapen. In a "sickle cell crisis," which can occur for a variety of reasons, or for no apparent reason at all, the sickle-shaped cells can block blood vessels, causing severe pain in the chest, back, abdomen and joints. Repeated crises will eventually damage the kidneys, the heart and blood vessels, and other organs. One in ten children with sickle cell disease will have a stroke before they are fifteen; another ten percent have "silent" strokes, which nonetheless impair their school abilities and other functioning.

Despite advances in treatment, this is in danger of becoming a "forgotten disease," with government funding for research and public information declining to a trickle compared to a few years ago. This program examines the devastating impact of sickle cell disease on these young people and their families and caregivers. It will be an important tool for increasing awareness in the community and among healthcare and social service providers in community clinics, hospitals, and other settings.

30 minutes
© 1999
Purchase $240 DVD
Order No. QA-906

"Succeeds in driving home the message that more needs to be done to find a cure. Recommended as an introduction to the disease, this program would benefit patient education collections and public library collections." MC Journal

Awards & Conference Screenings
Silver Award, Health Science Communications Assn.

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