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Some people can't seem to throw anything away. This engaging documentary invites us to enter the mind of the compulsive hoarder, while dispelling the stereotype that all "packrats" are isolated elderly derelicts. Hoarding is widely thought to be related to OCD, but this film notes that recent studies suggest it may be a neurologically distinct condition.

Breathe Easy
When 78-year-old Lois Perelman recently developed Emphysema, she was devastated at the thought that she would have to carry an oxygen tank around for the rest of her life. Determined not to let her own past stereotypes of people on oxygen affect her enthusiasm for life, she set out to change the tape in her own head — and society’s views of aging and disability as well.

Song Of Our Children
The stories of four memorable children — from preschool age to high school — demonstrate the challenges, strategies, and benefits of educational inclusion for all. Meet teachers, administrators, parents, and students whose daily struggles and triumphs exemplify what inclusion really means and what it takes to make it work.

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Bevel Up: Drugs, Users & Outreach Nursing

How can nurses deliver effective and compassionate healthcare to drug users? This taut, compelling documentary follows a team of “street nurses” as they reach out to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases by taking their services directly to the young people, sex workers, and homeless men and women living in the alleys, parks, shelters, and skid row hotels of the inner city.

Focusing on the principles of health promotion and harm reduction, the dedicated registered nurses of British Columbia’s groundbreaking Street Nurse Program provide health care to these profoundly underserved populations in traditional clinic settings or wherever their patients can be found.

Bevel Up
is the core of an innovative training package that features the 45-minute documentary as well as a chaptered version divided into eight sections, with each chapter followed by commentary from the nurses, a nursing ethicist and a nursing practitioner. Additional teaching material includes 26 interviews with experts on topics related to drug use (mental health and drugs, pregnancy and drugs, native American issues, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, addiction, sex work, rural nursing, etc.) French subtitles are also available. A 100-page Teaching Guide augments the DVD with lesson plans, ideas for discussion, and additional resources. From the National Film Board of Canada.

Hot Docs International Film Festival,
2008 Official Selection
Featured on National Public Radio's,
Fresh Air with Terry Gross

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