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These titles have been added to the collection since our recent catalog.

Autism: Warming to its Cold Embrace
A personal journey into a child's autism diagnosis with filmmaker Robert Parish.

Changing Your Mind
Illustrates new research in nueroplasticity and how the changing brain plays an important role in treating mental diseases and disorders.

Gambling Boys
Looks at the growing problem of gambling addiction among teenagers.

Healthlink Curriculum for Nurses and DVD
A curriculum for nurses and nursing students about the needs of children and adults with disabilities who are medically fragile.

Killed by Care
Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die as a result of medical mistakes. This film looks at how to fix the healthcare system to cut deaths.

Login 2 Life
Profiles seven people, two of whom are disabled, who spend most of their lives in online virtual worlds such as Second Life and World of Warcraft.

Principles & Practices of Building Community Special
Seven sessions of training providing skills and education on some of the most important concepts of community inclusion.

RARE follows an extraordinary mother in a race against time to find a treatment for her daughter's rare genetic disease.

Roll On
Aims to share the everyday lives of families living with neuromuscular disorders.

Toward Daylight
Suicide is never the final word for those left behind. It alters lives forever and crosses all human boundaries. TOWARD DAYLIGHT kindles the hope necessary for the living to face, and then move on from, the pain and loss of suicide.