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Q1. How do I turn on the Bluetooth mode on my phone?

A1. To connect your smartphone with the light stick, you need to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth function.
There are two ways to turn it on.
– Method 1: Set the status of Bluetooth to “ON” at the status bar on the upper part of your smartphone display.
– Method 2: Set the status of Bluetooth to “ON” in the setting menu.

Q2. I turned on the “Bluetooth mode” for my light stick and my smartphone, and confirmed the blue flashing light, but they do not connect and instead keep searching for a connection.

A2. Depending on the model of the smartphone, Bluetooth may only operate with the GPS setting turned on.
Tap the upper bar of your smartphone display to turn on the GPS function.




Q3. The light stick shuts off when the concert starts.

A3. Once the show starts, the light stick will be controlled wirelessly.
If the light stick does not function properly even though battery level is sufficient, the cause may be due to not having paired your light stick or not having completed the pairing process.
Pair the light stick with your seat via the app, or visit the pairing booth for help.

Q4. How do I set the light stick to “Bluetooth mode”?

A4. – Slide the switch on your light stick down to set it to “Bluetooth mode”.
-Check if the battery level is high enough and the “Bluetooth mode” is turned on properly.




Q5. The battery life of the light stick is very short.

A5. Make sure to use “AAA” size alkaline batteries.
Do not use manganese batteries or batteries have been nearly depleted.

Q6. Can I keep using the batteries I used for yesterday’s show?

A6. It is recommended that you replace the batteries with new ones or prepare spare batteries as they may run out during the concert.

Q7. I put in new batteries but the light stick doesn’t work.

A7. Check the +/- polarities on the batteries to make sure they’re oriented properly.
If the batteries were set in wrong direction, they may get overheated, fail to work or run out very quickly.
Battery leakage or overheating may damage the light stick.
When replacing the batteries, make sure to replace them all with new ones. When the light sticks are not in use for an extended amount of time, remove the batteries and store them separately.
(If batteries are too old and/or have not been stored properly, battery level can be very low.)




Q8. I don’t know how to install the app or enter the seat information.

A8. Visit the “Pairing Booth” at the concert venue for inquiry. We will help you enter your seat information. You can also enter your seat information using your friends’ smartphone.

Q9. Do I need to keep my smartphone turned on during the concert? (Do I need to maintain my phone’s Bluetooth connection?)

A9. No, there is no need to keep the app and/or the Bluetooth mode of your smartphone turned on once your seat information entry (=pairing) has been completed properly.
The light stick works properly without internet connection once it has been paired successfully.

Q10. If I have removed the batteries, do I have to access the app and enter the seat information again? Is the information deleted when the batteries are removed?

A10. There is no need to re-enter the information. It will not be deleted even if the batteries are removed.

Q11. I am going to attend the concerts several times. Can I enter all the information with one light stick?

A11. Only the latest seat information you enter is stored in the light stick. You will need to enter the seat information again for each day of the concert.

Q12. My seat has changed. What should I do?

A12. Please pair the light stick with your new seat information.

Q13. I have multiple light sticks.

A13. Enter the seat information for each light stick. The same seat information can be entered for multiple light sticks.

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