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● The wireless control light will not function properly without entering ticket information. If ticket information cannot be entered in the app, please visit “Wireless Control Light Support” booth at the venue on the day of the concert.

● If the battery is not properly attached to the wireless control light, malfunction may occur.

● The wireless control light is controlled by our system throughout the concert and the LED will light up and change in various colors.

● Connection range of Bluetooth can be up to 10 meters. However, the effective range varies depending on obstacles (people, metal, walls, etc.) and signal conditions.

● The wireless control light has a built-in Bluetooth antenna. You can improve the sensitivity of Bluetooth data connection by pointing the built-in Bluetooth antenna toward the Bluetooth device. If there is an obstacle between the connecting device and the wireless control light, data may not be received properly.

● Wireless connection may fail under the following conditions.
‐ When the wireless control light is covered with metal, etc.
‐ When the wireless control light is put in a pouch or a bag.
‐ When the wireless control light is used in wireless LAN environment (microwave, mobile phone, or other environment affected by radio waves).
‐ If the antenna built in the wireless control light is covered by hand or many people surrounded
‐ When there are other wireless connection problems.

● Since Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11b / g) devices use the same frequency (2.4GHz), using Bluetooth near other wireless LAN devices may cause signal interference.
In this case, follow the steps below:
1. When connecting the wireless control light to a Bluetooth device, keep it at least 10 meters away from other wireless LAN devices.
2. Place the wireless control light and the Bluetooth device as close as possible.
Turn off the wireless LAN device when trying to connect Bluetooth near the wireless LAN device (within about 10 m)
3. RF emitted from Bluetooth devices can affect the operation of devices such as electronic medical devices. Turn off the wireless control light and other Bluetooth devices in the following environment.
4. For a safety Bluetooth connection, the wireless control light supports safety functions that comply with the Bluetooth standard, but depending on the settings, this safety functions may not be sufficient. Be careful when connecting with Bluetooth.

● We shall not be responsible for the lack of information on the use of Bluetooth technology.

● We shall not guarantee that the wireless control light can be connected to all Bluetooth devices.

● The Bluetooth device to be connected must comply with and should be certified to the Bluetooth standard specified by the Bluetooth SIG.

● Even if the connecting device complies with the above Bluetooth standards, the device may not be connected or function properly depending on the function and specification other devices.

● Depending on the connecting device, it may take some time to set up the Bluetooth connection.

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