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Product 1 - LED Wristband

Experience: Bright!
Features: Over 16 Million Color Options
Battery Life: 7 Hours (Non-Stop) / White On: 3 Hours
Object: LED Wristband

FanLight LED wristbands are made of 3 or 4 bright LEDs (Depends on products).
Your crowds will be a part of the show, and they become a light source for your event.

This is the perfect option for your event and makes your event unforgettable.
They can be controlled remotely by a FanLight lighting operator or your lighting operator and can be synced to music and key moments in your show.
The batteries are replaceable! After the show, people will have an everlasting memory. The wristbands can also be branded with your logo.

Customized Product Available
Customized Product Design Available

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